Thoughts on Spiritual Healing – An Ongoing Reflection


Years ago I took to one of these ‘wonderful’ online writing arenas in hopes of pursuing my dreams of being a writer, though at the time I wasn’t quite sure what to write about for the first time. So I just wrote.

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. I could copy and paste that last line and fill ‘20 min read’ worth of content. Needless to say, I’ve continued to write and explore what it is that I’m here to write about.

In the process of writing, what I felt like need to be said from within, was said…

It was said in about 10,000 different ways, in many different posts ranging from poetry to commentary to fiction. A common thread I would come back to was the importance of having a spiritual foundation, how that led to healing in my own Life, and even helped others along the way.

In one post, I reflected on the healing of my eczema, a condition that afflicted me from childhood to age 30 and considered to have no cure. This healing occurred once I stopped taking the prescription drugs, using the miraclr creams/ointments, and met my Chinese Herbalist. I touched on how honoring my feelings helped and exploring my spirituality also contributed to it and today I think it’s been a little bit of this and that along the way

The steroids I was prescribed caused me to gain weight and also thinned my skin. I was on meds so often that benefits didn’t really last. I needed them so regularly, I could go to a Dr. who wasn’t my regular physician and tell them exactly what I would be taking. The effed up thing is that 9 out of 10 times they listened and gave me exactly what I asked for. That 10% being when a cream was prescribed instead of an ointment (though I asked because the cream was more irritating to my skin) or the one time I was given a shot in addition to everything I requested.

Getting off of the prescription pills and topical ointments/creams allowed the herbs to balance out the acidity in my body.

Learning to honor (or acknowledge) my feelings let me release a lifetime of ish that I’d been holding on to. Writing became even more therapeutic during that time. I also fasted, increased my exercise, and worked on my breathing, mostly because I scoured the Internet, frequented the Wellness and New Age sections of bookstores, and well, I believed there had to be a way to feel good within my own +being.

I was asked in a comment on one post if I could share more about spiritual healing. If I could have retitled and reworked that piece on eczema, I might have began by calling it and filling it with just four words:

All of the Above.

At this point and time, I do not get to write creatively as much as I once did these days. My Life is far busier but in many ways more fulfilling than ever. I still write a ton for work, adding my touch to all of our Marketing endeavors at the ‘smedium’ size regional Arts Company that my Journey has lead me.

Maybe this is another research period as I evolve to writing deeper and more from my Eternal Truth in preparation for a Vol. 2 of Adventures in Urban Mysticism.

Or perhaps it is time for me to further my professional growth, not because Society tells me to do it, but the same as I needed to take different steps in addressing my eczema, working hard, smart, and making systems more efficient are steps in my overall holistic healing.

It’s pretty cool too because what I’m about to say in the next paragraph, I find in every experience and all that I encounter.

‘Silly ole bear.’ One can’t help but be who they are even if they run away from it. Ask me about God, Love, Life, Faith, I’ll tell you all I know. It’s the core of who I am and is laced in every piece of writing and anything of substance that I have to say.

The funniest moments in Life to me are when you realize that the answer to everyone question is the simplest. So what exactly is spiritual healing? Easy.

It’s All of the Above.

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