When we last left off, Sonjay bid a farewell to the Dear Ole Dead & Gone, Gran, and later on that day, the Homie Self-Friend J sat down and poured his-Self a drank friends, a cold, dark beverage of something that the World hasn’t seen in quite some time, shoot, who we kidding, ever…

Let the chill’s run down your spine because the tale we tell next is none other than The Dark Meeting, and well, that cannot be described in poetic musings for its narrative poetry is its own as it is.

With that, stay tuned friends.

Stay Simple.


Wondering, Wandering


Wondering as I wander

through this Journey

O’ mine

Life’s Road

Flesh, Blood, Bones, W/Flesh


Or is the thread something more?

That which shall breathe on far

greater than any Wonder

far longer than any meandering Wander.

I wonder.

An answer perhaps into

one day I’ll wander…