Drop the Mic – Ep. 02 – The Good Times

25682_637831064466_55990_n” In the gutter where the trash compiles… in the gutter with the good times.” ~ from Locket by Kilo Kish

I am a former food-service worker.

I’m also a former Legislative Aide, Residence Life Coordinator, Psychic, Office Manager, Courtesy Clerk, Chief-of-Staff, Acting Liquor Manager, Floral Clerk, etc.

As it stands now, my “title” reads as Director of Marketing, at least that’s what the name tag above the desk in my office says.

I also serve as a Social Media Consultant, as well as a Content Editor for a website.  I recently opened an Etsy for my abstract, acrylic painting…  I’ve also published five books and plan to roll out a few more this year.

Serial job hunter?  Too much creative energy?  Lol, let’s not even through in my various hobbies (avid comic book reader, former Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and for a hot minute, competitor, along with Muay Thai, and…).

Yet despite all of these titles and experiences that have come with them, who am I really?  What’s the purpose of all of this considering that despite for JC and stories of a few other Holy men and women, the Journey pretty much ends in the same fashion… good ole Sweet Death.

The first time I heard Kilo Kish’s new EP, the first part of that line crept out at me in sleepy way.  On that day, I was a little tired, perhaps moody, and the words stuck with me so I wrote them down (thinking it make a great opening to a follow-up to Drop the Mic).

Without setting out in any particular direction for this other than just allowing my writing to be free (the same as it is with poetry), the second line popped today.  It’s Monday, I’ve a slight affliction/case of the ‘Mondaze’ and still feel a little tired, though definitely not moody.  Nonetheless, today is a new day and I occupy a different, slightly “older” consciousness.

It fascinates me that sometimes within just one day we can change as though we’ve lived through multiple days. I’ve had days that felt like four days had transpired as I transitioned from job to job.  Can’t many of us can recall the day that was “that day” when the ish went down and our Life completely changed.  Life is so fluid, its Flow is beyond our comprehension, yet it leads to the same place, doesn’t it?

As a child, I grew up amidst the rain in Hilo.

I remember afternoons where I’d walk through rain flooded gutters, feeling the water run over my feet and splash all around me, as it continued its Journey and flowed on towards the Ocean. Today, looking back at that single memory, as it is collected in the gutter of my Life, buried beneath the “40 or so jobs” I’d have before becoming a Writer (as I shared with my parents), I can see the good Life right there in the gutter.  The trash might be there too, but it all depends on where my consciousness is at when I’m looking.

And isn’t that just another beautiful facet of the Journey?

Flow on, Flow forth.  Just Flow, Baby, Flow.

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