Drop the Mic – Ep. 04 – Let It Go

“Let it go, let it go homie
You know we can see through them blinds homie
And see through the truth and them lies homie
Just let it go, let it go, let it go”

~ Akon on Let it Go by Wiz Khalifa

When I sat down to write this, I wanted to reflect upon irritation…

Ever had the experience of something or someone that is the equivalent of a pesky gnat buzzing around the ear?  Isn’t it funny that for some reason, something so small in the grand vastness that is the Universe, sounds uncomfortably loud and obnoxious?

I encounter these gnat-like experiences/people daily at work and am challenged to use the spiritual lens of viewing the situation.  Feelings are funny because sometimes we just need to be okay with feeling a certain way or letting it out.  As we’ve recently discussed, Life is challenging…

And even though #ThisTooShallPass happens each and every time, what does one do in the interim or when gnats are a buzz, when the buzzing grows so loud one cannot ignore it? Or when something a buzzin’ threatens one’s safety.  If a yellow-jack or hornet or (Ayah!) one of those killer bees were to fly around the ear, it’d be more cause for alarm than a gnat.

It is fair to acknowledge all things big and small.  We certainly do get those larger, bee sized intrusions that fly through our consciousness periodically. I often find one daily, well at least on the days I am at work… When it buzzes by, ready to sting, more and more do I find myself reflecting on the following:

There is no need to react.  In many cases, the reaction can make something worse than it needs to be.

This is nothing to take personal.  We’ve no control of the World outside of us.  The bird didn’t shit on your head because God had an agenda, the bird just shat…

In the grand scheme of it all, what does this matter? All of these reflections tie together and ultimately, we are all going to die, why make a non-issue an issue when there are crazier experiences at large such as wars, killers, and (insert here) abusers roaming the streets?

I remember an encounter from my early 20s, where a young man, who I grew up with, was very arrogant towards me.  I was with another friend and felt kind of disrespected, so much so that as we walked away, I told the person I was with: “That guy’s always been such an asshole.”  I know, Capt. Courageous over here. A few weeks later, that “asshole” died at just the age of 19 while doing something he loved (free-diving) and it struck me what my last words about him were…

Who do you think felt like an asshole after that?

One of college professors, Dr. Ramdas Lamb,  (who go figure taught my favorite course, Eastern & Western Mysticism), shared with me once that as we go through Life, we gain tools from the people we encounter ranging from our parents, friends, teachers, and colleagues.

Were we to look without attachment, we might even see that gnat is helping us develop other tools needed in Life.  I’ve found the reflections above to be important tools as I traverse this Jungle of a World filled with each of us, who are at different points in our Journeys.

On a separate occasion, Dr. Lamb also shared that Life is much like being gathered around and viewing a painting. Perspectives differed depending on where each of us were in our lives (as a whole), if our view of said painting was obstructed, and what part of the painting we focused on.

During my days in “The Tree,” I would go on to ‘bastardize’ this teaching (What? Everything that’s ever been said has been said before…) and liken it to being gathered around a fire; You could be focusing on the embers as they burned out and I could be looking at the smoke as it rises.  If one were a burn victim, her/his experience of the fire would be different than that of someone who identified as a pyromaniac or an arsonist.

It’s all perspective.

When I factor perspective in and reflect, it helps a little to allow the gnats to buzz around and at the very least, a bee is a great reminder, to “Just be” because bees are sensitive creatures who can sense changes in our behavior, particularly Fear.

Do not let Fear, creep into the equation, ever!  So why not just…

Let it Go!

Let Go!  Let God (or your choice word here).




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