Drop the Mic – Ep. 08 – Happiness

Happiness is when you share dat love wit one another
Happiness is when you together
You got to 
They can get no time to press
Because of all the distress that the society leads

What I’m a longing for is some happiness
~ From Happiness by Black Uhuru

A quick Google search of the keyword ‘happiness’ shows an estimated 316 Million search results in just over half a second.  It’s safe to venture that happiness is something most people are “a longing for.”

Happiness is a fascinating subject because in some ways, it’s about as broad and vague as the word ‘success.’ Culture, background, experiences, individual values all play a role in painting what we each view as Happiness.

I’m a firm believer that though we may have similar experiences, we can only really relate through feeling. Jill could be happy by being a dutiful daughter whereas Jack feels happy when he is a contributing member of society.  Studies have shown that the energy and wavelengths in the brain when we experience such feelings, regardless of what causes them, have great similarity.

As much as I’m into spirituality and consciousness, I have also to some degree been a skeptic throughout my Life.  Allowing myself to be all things, feel the assortment of feelings, helps me to see the bigger picture. The more I learn and the further I grow, the more the picture evolves.

I find comfort in looking at different studies because they validate hypotheses and intuition.  Yet, the folly in information seeking solely to know, has often left me feeling a bit empty, and at times very unhappy.

Occupying the moment fully requires balance in both Flesh and Spirit.  There can be no other way.  I’ve not yet achieved that balance but in having a vision, I experience more and more happiness because I can look back at all the dark corridors which I have passed through and see how it contributes to this unfolding Journey.

I don’t have all  the answers for you.  You don’t have all the answers for me.  Answers create more questions and quite frankly, the only answer that really matters is to…

Just be.

It’s a simple statement with a vast amount of meaning but I challenge anyone who reads these words to think about them when in the midst of different experiences.  I have a feeling that in just being, clues on happiness will find you.

Seek and ye shall find…




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