Drop the Mic – Ep. 09 –

“Take the good with the bad, or throw the baby out with the bath water.” from Holy Grail by Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake

Life is a perfect mixture if one were to think about it beyond just the highs and lows.  It’s a bit hard to do, but when incorporating mindfulness and presence, it is possible.

Within each moment and every experience, there exists a wonderful opportunity to have exactly what we need.  A blood test indicating high-blood pressure could be a predicator of Heart disease (a curse), or a call to action (a blessing).  The choice in how to view what enters Life is ours as are the actions we take following the learning of such news (fall into depression vs. make a lifestyle change)

What is it that gives us exactly what we need?  I often ponder this question and found an interesting opportunity to reflect further recently when a co-worker, Cathy, shared a story about her cats.  In the last few months, she has learned that one of her cats has cancer, and they are unsure how much time he has left. Cathy spoke with her son about the situation and they decided that night to no longer get any new pets. About a week later, a kitten came to their doorstep, and he never left!  He has not only adopted them but taken a liking to the sick, older cat, who has some renewed energy by the presence of this kitten, who likes to do whatever the older cat.

I marveled at the story because at so many points in my own Journey, I’ve made ultimatums, only to have Life give me the opposite.  In a “be careful what you wish for” paradigm, no matter what, consciously or unconsciously, we are always given exactly we need, as individuals and collectively in our relationships, families, communities, and the World.

Is this because the Universe operates under some Intelligence that is far beyond what we will ever comprehend?  Or is it just Nature’s way to one day drop a crazy storm in a town and the next a kitten shows up on the doorstep?

When I was a child, I remember one night where we experienced both…

It was “raining cats and dogs” in Kailua on the Windward side of Oahu and all of a sudden, a cat showed up outside our door.  About a year or so earlier, the cat my parents had before my birth, Tonto, was hit by a car, and there was a pet void until the emergence of this little one, who looked a bit like a rat, the rain drenching her small, not yet fully grown frame.

We would feed her outside for a few days before she wandered off.  At five or six years of age, the experience left me Heart-broken, but before I knew it, within a few days, we would learn our neighbor found her, and Spot, would officially join our family.  Spot lived for another 18 years and shortly after she passed, my Mom shared they wouldn’t have another pet.  During Spot’s life, we had a number of other pets who came and left the Earth included Skipper & Nick, a pair of parakeets, along with Ding, a cockatiel who could cat call people who walked by, and a host of fish.  It was fair to admit my family had had its share of furry, feathered, & scaly friends.

It took a few years, but my parents got another pet, a dog, Frankie Beans, who interestingly enough found his way into our ohana, in part because of his friendly demeanor (my parents thought he chose them when in fact, he’s just a really nice guy), and the loss of a dog I shared with an ex-girlfriend.  That dog was my first dog and though the relationship was over, I missed the dog and found Frankie online in Volcano on the Big Island, near where my parents lived in Hilo.  The rest is history!

Frankie was born in Washington, where his previous owner lived, and in yet another strange twist of Life unfolding as it did, where they all reside back currently (my parents left Hawaii after retiring).  I’ve never seen my parents so happy in Life since they got this dog and even more so after moving.  I can’t say I know what exactly is the cause for this but in thinking about it, Life gave them what they needed in the process of their movements through it.

That’s not to say it was easy nor did it happen overnight for them, but in persevering and moving on, things unfolded.  Recently, my Lady Friend, had her own experience of Life giving her what she needed.  A few months back, she was laid off for the first time in her Life.  It was a rough three months I can attest since I observed the process first hand! Having ridden the unemployment roller coaster a number of times in my Journey, forced into a learning to trust and accept Life and the Flow as it guided me, I realize it can be challenging.

This woman was perplexed every step of the way as she was randomly selected on an audit, was accused of leaving the State two times (when she wasn’t) and had her benefits frozen, and went on 8 job interviews before something caught.  Though there were many positives going on for her, she never went hungry nor homeless, it was tough.  The day she was finally offered a job revealed an interested a-ha in looking back at the whole series of events.

Her mother had told her shortly after being laid off, she should take about three months off (which is about the time it went).  She also got the chance to help out her grandparents, really experience her newly turned one year old nephew, whereas in the past, she lived with the family unit and got to be around every day for her older nephew during his infancy.  Her younger nephew, who she absolutely adores, got to hang out with her this Summer and visa versa when she went to pick him up every day from Summer Fun.

Coincidentally enough, the day she started work again was the day he went back to school AND this job quickly is turning into something like out of a dream.  It wasn’t overnight, it wasn’t easy, but it was exactly what she needed and from the look and feel of it, things are only going to get better.

Throughout my Life, I’ve read countless texts by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and basically the who’s who of New Age, Law of Attraction, and contemporary spiritual writers/speakers.

I’ve read similar stories but in living it, and through seeing it for myself and others, I truly marvel at how the Power of Life Itself has this complex maze figured out.  One need not believe in God in order to observe Nature and trust Life.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to believe in a Higher Power but truly, if one seeks to know more about this Journey, just see that Life is not about the single high or low, rather it’s about the whole darn process.

So next time you’re challenged or ready to throw in the towel, just remember that something great could be just around the corner, Life is still unfolding, and in the end, it will all work out and be exactly what you need.

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