On the Path – Spiritual Q&A with J

New feature.  Over the years, I have been asked a great many questions, in addition to asking many of my own. This section will be used to share answers to those questions.  Enjoy.

Is one begin selfish, if one wants to move ahead and leave people or loved ones behind to find one’s destiny?

In response to thisquestion, I shall answer your question with another question…

What if you viewed it as though you are walking your own Path, which only you can do?

That frees you up to focus on walking your own Path and leaves behind the concern that you are leaving others behind because each of us has our own Journey, and it isn’t our place to judge where another person is at in their own Journey.

It is very Human to have feelings about/for others and their lives, but in the end, you’ll do yourself a great favor and extend love to others by not worrying about what they are doing in/with their lives.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if others gave you that freedom? Not everyone is going to do it, but you can be the model and live like only you can!

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