The Fight



Every day of our lives we have conflict.

There is conflict with partners, family members, friends and other Loved Ones to bosses, co-workers, and people we interface with regularly in our professions.

Why is that?

Perhaps this conflict arises because it is just a part of our Nature. Within our very cells, conflicts occur.  Is it so unreasonable to think that since conflict is a part of our make up, it will be found elsewhere?

At various times throughout this Life, I have pondered the idea of peace and well, the idea that no conflict will exist or that there are conflict free zones and spaces really doesn’t fly.

Conflict is inevitable.

Conflict gets out of hand when we fail to acknowledge its existence and respond to disagreements with open Hearts and compassion. Blah yada yada blah!

So how do we do that?

We must stop fighting ourselves.  Only through self-work and self-love will we each be able to accept the conflicts that occur on the daily.

I’m not saying you have to like conflict.  Dislike it like all you want.  I’m just proposing, Dear Reader, to consider that conflict has existed since the beginning and our views of it need to be changed.

Once the view is altered, we can start to see that the conflicts we encounter are great teachers, helping us along the conscious Journey. Then, there shall be resolution…

Release the fight. It’ll be okay.

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