#FlashbackFriday – The First Time

This post was inspired by #WednesdayWishes, became #ThrowbackThursday, and now is finally get published on #FlashbackFriday.  Here’s why… On this day in 2012, the final version of my manuscript was due!  But I actually turned in what would go on to be published as my first book, Adventures in Urban Mysticism AUM Vol. 1 : […]

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Top 5 Tips For Weathering A Shit Storm

  From last week Thursday to today (also Thursday), it’s been pouring a bit of some steaming piles let me tell you. It all began when something very horrible went wrong while working on a challenging project for work… The project involved coordinating/dealing with multiple personalities aka characters, arranging a venue for a photo shoot while […]

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Journeys: Bogart

The definition of “Bogart” is brought to you by the Urban Dictionary website.   While I’m not going to write about cannabis today, I am going to focus a bit about higher consciousness. In an interesting conversation with a colleague from another Arts Non-Profit here in the islands, I was told that his Life changed […]

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