Journeys: Bogart

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 5.42.53 PM

The definition of “Bogart” is brought to you by the Urban Dictionary website.  

While I’m not going to write about cannabis today, I am going to focus a bit about higher consciousness.

In an interesting conversation with a colleague from another Arts Non-Profit here in the islands, I was told that his Life changed simply because a bottle of a shampoo…

That simple gift from a friend would be the defining moment for him to something different with and chart a new course in his Life.

For this young man, he enjoyed the quality of the shampoo so much that he gave himself an ultimatum to get out there and do something that could provide himself just a bit more comfort in Life so that he could afford the shampoo.

Guess what?  By the time he finished that bottle of shampoo, he made it happen and has used that shampoo ever since (I failed to ask how many bottles it’s been).

Where my story was filled with twists, nuances, and deep, introspective spiritual mumbo jumbo (as another colleague likes to say), my friend was inspired by a $30 bottle of shampoo.

And that’s the beauty of our Journeys.

The lessons are all the same, how we learn them unique, and ultimately we can relate to the underlying feelings and energy that resound as we take our steps towards living more consciously and in alignment with what resonates from within.

Now go on, stop bogarting the Flow of you Life!

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