Top 5 Tips For Weathering A Shit Storm

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From last week Thursday to today (also Thursday), it’s been pouring a bit of some steaming piles let me tell you. It all began when something very horrible went wrong while working on a challenging project for work…

The project involved coordinating/dealing with multiple personalities aka characters, arranging a venue for a photo shoot while my contacts at said venue were on vacation, and took about 2.5 weeks to schedule. The final details came down to the eleventh hour but we pulled it off.

Little did he know…

The day of is where the shit storm starting to pick up.  I was asked to take pictures for someone on her phone during the experience.  I obliged and being really into photography (but no pro mind you), I saw some cool shots.

One particularly memorable and cool shot led me to step in a drop off of water, submerging half my body and her phone.  Top it off that there were maybe 30 or so people in the area and well…

Needless to say, the phone has not survived.  I didn’t get the greatest of vibes the last time I saw this person, understandably so.  My boss joked I was a coward for not going up and saying something.  Maybe he’s right.  Maybe it was just a joke (Disclaimer: not all jokes are created equally, see below).

I took the whole thing a little hard being the perfectionist and diligence I undertake when it comes to work.  And I felt really bad about it, but well, this is Life and these things happen.

Meanwhile, at home, the shit storm kicked up another notch.  Huge beef with my partner in crime.  She has some mysterious health issues going on that I can’t say much about because we both don’t know what the deal is yet (don’t worry, we’re going to the Doctor),  but the stress was building for her.

About a month back, my own Dentist discovered something he didn’t like in a x-ray and I had to go to an Oral Surgeon to rule out a cyst, abscess, cancer, etc. That’s actually still tbd as what drew my attention (area beneath my jaw) to the deal is as of yet, undiagnosed.

So I get the unknown is stressful.  I also see my work load is picking up as is my Lady Friend’s and well, that’s just Life.  It ain’t easy nor is is segmented as much as we’d like.  Alot of time, the shit just flies all at once.

What’s cool about she and I is that we work through things, and we’re laughing about it later, but it doesn’t mean a couple turds didn’t drop in the process on us, ya know?

So today, walk in, after a week of little droppings here and there since the big splash and I find more shit floating through my in-box.

It’s pretty busy at work mind you around here because we have a production in 3 weeks.  Literally it’s the craziest time right about now with each show.  Anyway, when a co-worker jokes with me about something in the midst of her own stress, I joke back for the first time, it ends with this crazy blow up, where she slams the door, calls someone else in tears, etc.

I’m like, “Eff…” because in the process I knew there was no point in having the conversation amidst the emotional.  I probably shouldn’t have said anything, joke or otherwise considering that it drives me batshit crazy when people joke on me and I’m stressed but I thought I’d give this whole not so serious, lighten up and go with it thing a try….

Besides it’s the dynamic (seriously, this lady is busting on me and us all the time) and I thought, why note, when in Rome since I’m trying to laugh at my stress and well, Mr. Monotone here didn’t quite deliver the punchline (though I did find it a little funny).

Tell my boss about it and you know what that buggah says:

“We all need some malasadas…”

Anyhow, Life goes on.  I’m in the shit storm and well, I cannot lament it.  I can only embrace it and realize this is where I am.  Even though it might feel like half-past forever, this too shall pass.

And honestly, it’s all okay.

With that…

The Top 5 Tips for Weathering A Shit Storm

1. We all create this experience together.

If you’re in the wrong, you’re in the wrong, and it’s cool. If you’re not in the wrong and you’re standing your ground and the other person takes it however they do, it’s cool. That’s Life.  40 years from now, you or the other person involved in a conflict won’t remember something like an accidental broken phone  or a miscommunication.

That or it will make for a great story.

2. Adopt a “Next Play” Mentality

The difference between great athletes in sports and the average  ones is that the greats have the ability to move on to the next play after a mistake or stroke of bad luck.  

Whether it’s your fault or someone else is misunderstanding you, Life happens, and we have to move on to that next play otherwise we end up on the sidelines.  

3. Take a Deep Breath

I subscribe to Brutal Compassion & Honesty.  Not everyone is like that but for those of who are (and aren’t), just take a deep breath every time something occurs.  

Besides, they say it’s good for stress.

4. You Need Stress

Not necessarily drama, no, no, no, don’t want no drama, drama! But you need a little stress here and there.  These things happen in the spiritual pursuit to teach us to be more mindful, loving, and compassionate plus it’s all a part of the balance of energies.  

If you think about, Life is seasonal after all…

5. It’s Okay For You To Flush

In the end, we all have choice to release, let go, and flush.  If work is too stressful and not worth it, find employment that you do enjoy so the stress doesn’t matter as much.  If the challenges of a relationship are in excess, leave and trust what will be, will be in the area of Love.  As shitty as the last week has been professionally and personally, I’ve had worse jobs; as rough a patch as we went through, I’ve had rougher relationships to deal with.  It’s just Life and I’m choosing to be accept it.  

As a result, I know I’m okay exactly where I am in the middle of this shitter.

Ah, and there you have it, the middle of the storm aka the calm.


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