#FlashbackFriday – The First Time

This post was inspired by #WednesdayWishes, became #ThrowbackThursday, and now is finally get published on #FlashbackFriday.  Here’s why…

On this day in 2012, the final version of my manuscript was due!  But I actually turned in what would go on to be published as my first book, Adventures in Urban Mysticism AUM Vol. 1 : Rebirth, a few days earlier, and it would be released in November of that year.


If I only knew then what I now know (or don’t know or something) b/c Life’s events just keep reminding me that Death & Rebirth are constant themes in our lives as we learn more about/how to Love in the time we are given on this plane of existence.

I didn’t write that book for the money. I wrote it bc for as long as I can recall, I have felt this burning urge from within my Soul to express.

That first book was a first step.

Funny thing about firsts, though often not lasts for many of us, there is really only one first, and that’s pretty cool no matter how flawed that first may be.

Five books published in total later, each time I undertake the process, I learn a little more about #Life, #Death, & #Love.

On Sept. 21 of 2012, I uploaded the manuscript files and on that date of this here in 2014, I received my first physical royalty check.


Writers! Tell me, do you agree that #TheStruggleIsReal!?!?

Nah, just like how Bruno Mars sang about “being a billionaire so fricking bad,” I will just visualize 6 or 7 zeroes attached to future checks, and give thanks & praise either way, any which way.

Anything is possible, back in small kid time, I never dreamed I would be an Author among all the other glorious endeavors I have experienced.  Just like #AUM was my first book and I appreciate it so much, I appreciate this check just as well.  Who knows what shall come and dreams are free…

Dreams are free

Right on, write forth I shall because the learning is #priceless!  Watch for #TheDarkMeeting and #DropTheMic coming out in the next few months!

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