Bloody Fall

It’s the Fall, that ‘bloody’ time of year, where Death pours in so that new Life may blossom and the perpetual cycle of growth may endure.

My Teacher told me awhile back that this time of year is the “ratchety times” where what needs cleaning in your consciousness will come to the surface from the subconscious.

If Spring is for cleaning what is around us in our homes, offices, and the external spaces where we dwell, then the Fall is for tidying up what lies within.

Growing up in Hawaii, it’s easy to forget that there are four seasons.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I experienced weather in the 50s in Honolulu, where at this point, I’ve spent most of my Life.

Our weather is like a year-round Spring & Summer here but that doesn’t mean we aren’t impacted by the changes in the Seasons.

In observing myself and those around me, I can see Fall going on all around.  I need to remind myself that it’s all a part of the process of Being, Breathing, and Believing.

Long ago, I fought writing.  Over time, I’ve embraced it.  Now I know how much I need it.  Writing is my creative outlet, my vacuum, and at times my toilet.

It’s where I bring new life, tidy up, and release that which no longer serves.

I wonder at times what propelled me to where I am on the Path with the tools such as Writing as opposed to painting (which I do sporadically) or music (that I love but would never dare to call myself a musician)?

At this stage in my Life, I’ve written way more than 10,000 hours.  As much as I’ve been a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none, writing has surpassed that so-called Master by default of 10,000 hours, and yet, it’s not quite enough.

Perhaps it never shall be.  It won’t be at least until the work is done.

When the work, whatever spiritual purpose I have here in discovering and the healing that comes with it, is done, only then shall my role be written out of the script.

This stroke on the grand canvas of Creation shall have reached its conclusion.

So thank you Fall, Bloody Fall.  You’ve given me more to reflect upon, shown me both how far I’ve gone and how much more I have to grow.  I can’t say I always agree or am ecstatic, but when I am, it’s pretty bleeping cool.

And back it’s on the Journey I go…

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