Born & Raised

View of Honolulu
A view of Honolulu

I was born in this city…

This’ll never be New York City nor any other city than the place all who live outside the city, in their towns, all those ‘townies’, them homies who call this place ‘Town’…


All my Life, it’s been me and you.  Sure I lived in Hilo, Dear, but my Heart was here, that was surely clear.  Why you might ask?  Well that’s quite easy. Sit back, relax, and let me wax poet-like, as I channel my Inner Weezy.

I was born here ya know? Way back when before there were cell phones who got smart and before pagers even. I think when I was born 8 Tracks were still around though I couldn’t tell ya because at that time, I was only just born.

I was born before both Bush I & II were in office, before Clinton & Monica did their ‘dance’ and way back before anyone dreamed a President could be from Honolulu!

“I could see Diamond Head all the way from Aliamanu” Dad told me once, then twice, and perhaps he’ll say it again as some times in Life, the best things, like ‘I Love You’ are said time and time again.

The first time it didn’t resonate. The second time it shook away the cobwebs. He can say the third but I already know that this ‘Town’ is crying as she is transformed to a city from so long ago a swamp.

Whether those tears are of joy or misery or both isn’t up for me to decide.  I hear the sounds as drills pound hard into the land, as the cars race on by, and just as time flies upon its wings of Illusion.

Honolulu has been hurting for, to, and because of change ever since she was born from the fiery underbelly of this Earth.  I was born here you know?  Oh that’s right, I’ve said that once, maybe twice now before, and that’s right, thrice and on and on, and more.

I’ve felt the pain that lives in the Ether through all of my existence.  I’ve heard the sorrow upon the wind.  But you know, even though the City she is now sheds her ‘Townie’ skin, and changes her dress all the while putting up the good fight of the beauty that comes with that change, I hear what occupies her, the True beats of Nature, that give Life to Life, now see here…

The birds, those glorious birds, as they stir the first sounds each morn, their beautiful songs singing before any cars race, before any machines pound their new developments into place, before all that fuss that gives the city its’ anguishing cries.

The laughter of the palm leaves as they swing as the wind flows on by.  And if it’s really calm, you know what I hear?  I can hear the waves as they crash upon not so distant shore here, each and every night.

I was born in this city but you already knew that.  I can’t say if I’ll die here, if I’ll remain with her but I can tell you just as she has changed, the same as pagers were replaced with cellular phones that then became smart phones, and let’s not even get into computers, little me-oh-my how I’ve changed as well.

I’ve shed many a tear or two or three beyond I lost count at how many damn tears I’ve cried! Their salt water washing my Soul just as the Soul of Honolulu, this beautiful city, known as ‘Town’ by those ‘townies’ who live in their towns, call her, has that ocean I just spoke of to wash her near by, the same as the skyscrapers continue to grow a la Babel and keep on keepin’ on to try and touch the sky.

We aren’t Kanye and Hawaii never intended this so he can touch the sky and a Kardashian while he’s at it.

I can only think, as I stop to blink, that Trust in all this Life, even if it’s but a wink, that God gives in each and every moment, as I live this Life, as I love this place called ‘Town,’ who one of these days I’ll surely leave, but it’s cool because I was born here you know.  I had to leave here already but my Heart, She, this, has never left me!

But you knew that because I’ve been telling you in the free form of the this rhyme, from untimely verse to verse this whole damn time.

I was born here and as it changes, as I change, she, Honolulu, and I, are forever bound, and we’re taking Aloha with us as we go, from here in ‘Town’ to all the world around.

And for now, I’ll bring this piece to a close.  Because it’s about Closing Time for me and Honolulu, perhaps that’s why she cries…

Who knows?

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