Spiritual Q&A: Got Spiritual Beef With Life?

20150112_100946-EFFECTSThere is a great deal of adversity that occurs during the Human Journey of the Soul.

How do we make sense with something truly unfortunate that went down in our experience?  What are we to do when we have a spiritual beef with Life?

In those instances, all the beauty and joy in creation can seemingly mean nothing during the times when our worlds come crashing down.

The most important thought to consider when times make you want to throw your hands up and just say “Eff it. Eff this. Eff that. Eff, Eff, Eff!” is pretty simple.


We live through the crashes.  And in the case we don’t, then it’s not a worry in this existence, now is it?

My point is, so long as we live through (insert Eff’ed up experience here), that single breath, the beating of the Heart is worth finding a way to be grateful.

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