Aloha Ke Akua

A few years back, when the walls felt as though they were tumbling down, I traveled across the US twice, honoring dreams and following signs. It was a crazy time filled with healing, many tears, and a reservoir of hope that never ran dry.  Probably because everywhere I went, you know what I found? Hawaii. […]

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Live Mindfully With Mobile Technology

My teacher once told me: “Everything is so fast nowadays, Dear, you’ve got the internet connecting everyone and phones that are like computers; time is speeding up!” About a week later, the email system went down in our offices.  It was the slowest work day (that didn’t involve meetings, because my how those can drag) ever! […]

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Hawks’ Cry

#WorstCallEver was trending one day… Now #WhatsNext is the rallying cry you say? Much like in our own lives when One makes what other’s view a horrid decision Yet made sense for you in that moment and Now, some way, somehow caused an unforeseen, cataclysmic collision! #WorstCallEver perhaps that is true & without the glory But #WhatsNext […]

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