Hawks’ Cry


#WorstCallEver was trending one day…

Now #WhatsNext is the rallying cry you say?

Much like in our own lives when

One makes what other’s view a horrid decision

Yet made sense for you in that moment and

Now, some way, somehow caused an unforeseen, cataclysmic collision!

#WorstCallEver perhaps that is true & without the glory

But #WhatsNext will add even more greatness to the story…

Just like in the ocean, a high is followed by a low

All balances itself out & High tide will wash back to cleanse the Spirit

Especially with the losses experienced in Life, oh my, how this is True!

So relish in these tears, for I promise, once more you will shout!

A Champion With Heart Lasts Forever

Now #Believe and there will be no doubt…

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