Episode Ill

I’m ill in the spirit. Shhh, my Heart beat, can you even hear it? At times I feel as though I’ve lost my muse. So much negative vibes, every time I hear the news, it’s permeated the environment all around, that beat beat’s so long gone, I fear it, just maybe, my spirit’s 6 ft. […]

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A Mass of Stars

Good evening Sistren & Brethren! Let us gather, gather all around now, y’all here! Here we have above and all around us the vast beauty of the stars, the Universe, our MOTHER!, in all her naked glory! Born are we, yes, each and every one of us from the womb of the Darkness yet made […]

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A Mast of Palm Trees

We could watch a palm tree sway as though its birth was a thousand years times a thousands years ago coupled with Universal cheers from the stars my Dears… I walk, a single step, followed by another and its brother.  My Heart weighs heavy most days, with some light mixed in between. Longing, longing for […]

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