#DropTheMic Vol. 2 / Ep. 02 – Eff Today

Not Stressed While Stressed
I am experiencing a great deal of stress in Life these days but aside from a few outliers and natural human moments (aka freaking the fuck out), I’m doing okay…
We are currently in the middle of a horrific three month schedule that includes 3 productions but that just grazes the surface. The hardest points of my job are typically the 2.5 months before a production so all of this is turning into a nice 3 car pile up, and has been since the middle of the Holidays, which for whatever reason can already be stressful period of time.
Each production has multiple performances over the course of various weekends.  In total, we have 12 performances of the 3 productions but our longest stretch falls in the middle.  So it’s funny because I’m in the final middle portion of the 2.5 super hard months while at the same time in the middle of the hardest stretch.  (That was a mouthful/handful/typeful!)
Add the press and photo calls that I am required to be at and/or rehearsals and well, long days are the norm during this time. I’m not meaning this complain, rather just formulating my thoughts, wrapping my brain about the inevitability of growing up, having more responsibilities, and actually giving a fuck.
Growing up, does it ever end?  Does the quest for wisdom reach its climax?
On that note, I think writing hit the spot because I have to release!
Peace out.

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