A Mast of Palm Trees

We could watch a palm tree sway as though its birth was a thousand years times a thousands years ago coupled with Universal cheers from the stars my Dears…

I walk, a single step, followed by another and its brother.  My Heart weighs heavy most days, with some light mixed in between.

Longing, longing for flight, to be like that palm tree, dancing with the wind, beneath the Sun, and in the Moon Light.

We could watch a palm tree sway and learn from such a sight, for to see through Nature’s Eyes is to know what they meany by en-Light-en-ment.

No! That’s not what I meant!

No! I’m feeling spent!

No! I can hear the moon whispering.  I can hear the sun, as its glistening.  Both reflect their Voice so the Palm Tree sways.

Both are filled with joy for living each and every day.

No!  That’s true!  How could it be?

Well, there my friends sleeps the answer, unequivocally…

Laughter. Laughter. Laughter all around.  Listen to the stream as consciousness trickles down. Down the brook of experience.  Over the path we tread.  I am feeling sadness.  For those who know not joy, only dread until the day they are dead…

The leaves still dance, dance and dance, dance, dance, daaaaaaaa-nce.  Ha! It’s time, this poem is far too long.  The leaves, are dancing, whether you can hear my song!  Time to be free, cast off, and now let’s go.  No time for too much sadness, it’s heaviness does not fit those Soul.

I can see the Palm Tree.  I see her though Nature’s eye.  I am we eternally so why not give it a try?  Let us depart, take my hand, you’ll see!

And dance beneath the Sun, into the Moon Light…

Shall we set sail?

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