A Mass of Stars

Good evening Sistren & Brethren!

Let us gather, gather all around now, y’all here!

Here we have above and all around us the vast beauty of the stars, the Universe, our MOTHER!, in all her naked glory! Born are we, yes, each and every one of us from the womb of the Darkness yet made of the very SAME! substance… that… makes… up…

The Stars… and shared Eternal Light.

Let us bow our heads and thank the Heavens, God, if She or He exists beyond a shared segment of consciousness, and thank our MOTHER!, Mother Nature, as she is adorned with the tapestry of time, bejeweled by galaxies upon galaxies of the unknown as they hang upon her breast.

Thank you Majestic MOTHER!, Dear Sweet Nature.  We thank you for giving us… this…


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