Episode Ill

I’m ill in the spirit.

Shhh, my Heart beat, can you even hear it? At times I feel as though I’ve lost my muse. So much negative vibes, every time I hear the news, it’s permeated the environment all around, that beat beat’s so long gone, I fear it, just maybe, my spirit’s 6 ft. deep beneath the ground.

Oh to be the Fool once more, instead of just another one of Life’s fucking clowns…

I never liked clowns you know? Their archetype and energy never quite suited me. Then again, my friends,

I have never liked feeling the fool all that much either, “Don’t worry Dear, not in your Life…” My Teacher says trying to reassure that the mob won’t shoot me in this existence neither.

I’m ill in the spirit!

It lies within the shared consciousness. Gaze into the mirrors surrounding, see my own beauty and inequity from within so it shines there, like a blazing Dark Light, Here & Now right beside me.

“I’m a lunatic.” The haunted Artist shared with me the other day.  “I’ve a host of weirdos…” His crew ready to jump and share the message in their own maniacal way.

I’m ill in the spirit?

Nah, perhaps I’ve just not found my tribe.

Oh well.  Life’s swell no matter what, so long we stay a-LIVE.

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