Remember, remember Baltimore…

Remember, remember Baltimore…

I live on an island, in a s0-called ‘Paradise,’ where you can work 2–3 jobs AND pay $1500 for a small studio & utilities for your family, just to make it right.

At least that’s the case with my little pseudo-family.

As for some, man, they gotta get that paper, make that money, for just the bare necessities alone, because you can live without a roof up top, especially in ‘Paradise’ here, where other cities ship their homeless because most times it’s nice AND increasingly warm…

But guess what, you’ll die, die, die without food AND water, so as for shelter, well, buy yourself a tent, and let’s just call this circumstance an adventure!

Two blocks from where I stay is a new neighborhood being populated. Where there are already many children AND their hard-working parents, already living there!

While it hasn’t been advertised like the new Villages of Ward, or the other developments that have been collecting all those cranes along its border, this project houses just as, if not too many, men, women, AND children, who bleed red just the same as you or me, just the same as any.

This is a bit more transient population AND though this ‘hood lives on that block for now, can anyone tell me how long will that last? A week? A month? who’s to say when really? Because sooner or later, someone’s going to come and knock…

Knock, knock Kaka’ako. Knock, knock, knock! Who’s there?

(Insert Mr. or Ms. X Police Officer, Health Inspector, any ‘official’ really, because it doesn’t matter, when who is just a messenger, with a message that doesn’t care):

“Time to clean up, yes, you, who live in Tent City. We’ve an exciting new development ready to break ground AND your time squatting is over. Why you ask? Well, because your residence here isn’t much of a necessity.”

Alas, Tent City will move like it always has before. At least that’s the age old assumption. But in this increasing state of lack, with a greater Culture of Fear governing growth in adverse poverty even further, who knows what else may lie in store?

Perhaps some might protest this circumstance. Or maybe it will be more?

Whatever the case may be, I’ll tell you what, one day, I hope not here, but I guarantee somewhere with a Tent City, Planet Earth, filled with displaced people just the same, “maybe it will be more” will happen for sure AND on that day, we’ll be forced to remember…

Remember, remember Baltimore.

Just as Now we’re forced to remember all other states of unrest before.

The Life of the Land is perpetuated in righteousness. Nah, that’s just a translation. We’ve a truly human crisis all across the globe on our hands, especially if what we keep perpetuating is inequity AND a lack of righteousness.

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