The Little Boy Heals


The little boy sleeps with tubes leading to & from the 21 machines keeping him alive, tubes that flow all across his body.

The little boy sleeps…

Why a child?  Why a child?  Why a child?

Why is that children must suffer so?  This boy suffers because he got sick when others suffer because of so much more… The more that is ‘wrong’ with this world, born from our evil, driven by our lack, the need to be filled through consumption shall never lead to The Truth, that’s just not where It’s at…

The little boy sleeps…

He sleeps because he’s sedated.  Sedation eases the pain he would feel were he awake for every sensation.  I’d wish not this upon anyone for to see the little boy who heals, with tubes to & from the 21 machines helping him recover each day, tubes that flow with life across his body.

The little boy heals…

May he rest for now and heal so that upon awakening he shall feel the love and the incredible help that’s been surreal. Seven teams, from departments throughout the medical center, these miracle makers working all around the clock.

Work do they so that he can heal, so his heart capable of so much life and live, so heart may never stop.

The little boy heals…

Heals that he may grow.  Heals so he can run again, pick up a pen, get to drawing again, and so that all will be well, once again for him and his whole family.

The little boy heals…

Prayers to the strong little boy, Andrew, who is fighting for his life.  

You are loved my little friend and may Love help you in your healing journey.


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