DRAFT To Set Adrift

Look out little homie, watch out little Dude! There’s a car coming fast, straight for you! Get out of the road, it’s time to go Home! Staying out late will leave you in the cold.

Put down your troubles, that weariness in your mind! Let go of all your issues! Negativity will kill our kind.

The polar caps are melting!  Endangered species dying off by the day! Too much at rapid paces, before too long will our resources have also gone away!

Stop with your judgment! Cause there’s never been another just like me! Or her, or him, or that one! Why can’t the Light you see?

Might as well include them too because in that case we are nothing more than sheep…

When you have that silly attitude, judgmental frame of mind! You strip away the lion’s mane & almost destroyed the pride!  Until one day, the rebel, the rebel will uprise,

To set adrift this paradigm! “Why?” you ask “oh why?” That should be nooo surprise! Why we set adrift the paradigm…

Because it’s about damn time.

Hush, hush, shhh, don’t say nothing less, else all is just a whisper, a spark of thought and nothing more…


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