Tom Brower Rap

If you assault the people, then I’m-assault your ego. Elected by the people? You’re nothing more than sheep-le! Pause for a second as you wipe the sweat off your Brow, er, here’s some Armani yo, while we’re at it throw on some gloves & take care of that manicure you ho- rribly embarrassing excuse for a leader! […]

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Grains of Sand

Where are your cuts? Why have you no bruises? These questions were asked of me after I took a step, a step that unbeknownst would cause me to fall down the ridges of love, into the sea of despair, and washed upon the shore of truth & consequence. To mine surprise, the questions were correct for […]

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Shot Clock

:24 – Shots fired, shots fired! A Tweet is quickly leaked. :23 – Viral fire, viral fire! The leak grows as its repeated, 2.3k as we speak. :22 – Facts, facts! Waiting on the official reports as 10.5k tweets are trending. :21 – Reload, reload! News can’t reach us that fast, want to know what’s […]

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Life Matters

All lives matter. Yes, this we know. BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Why must we shout?  Because all lives matter and until BLACK LIVES MATTER rises to that same level of acceptance, forever held back will be our innately loving flow. Life matters, it matters so much to humanity, yes, our speck in the dust of the […]

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The Obituary of Mahalo

Here lies Mahalo, who left us shortly after news reached her of our beloved Aloha’s passing. Mahalo lived a full life.  She was as gracious and filled with gratitude as her name would imply.  Mahalo shared heartfelt kindness with the world.  She loved as much as Aloha and strived to leave people with a sense that their actions, […]

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The Empty Flask

One can only be filled, when emptied So remorse no longer when you reach your last Drop the thought that tells you life is only full when lacking Lap it up knowing full well the supply Will soon be restocked Peaks & Valleys, Peeps at rallies, Life as we know is filled with both Perhaps […]

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Everlasting Friend

Hello Friend I’m here once again With words so fresh Of my feelings, I need not pretend And The World? How is it? You ask Well it’s still there As it is, perhaps cruel to the end These words May I share Bleeding through my fingertips Through wounds I can’t contend With hope Or without […]

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