Life Matters

All lives matter. Yes, this we know.

BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Why must we shout?  Because all lives matter and until BLACK LIVES MATTER rises to that same level of acceptance, forever held back will be our innately loving flow.

Life matters, it matters so much to humanity, yes, our speck in the dust of the vast universe little ole species, Life matters so much that we strive, we fight, we hunger for more, longer, easier, healthier, out of this world even ways to simply stay alive.

But if it matters, pose the questions then must I:

Do we even know how to live without destroying that it matters whether or not we survive?

But if it matters, then the answer to the question is obviously:

YES, because the opposite of “to destroy” is “to create.”

Life matters, it matters so much to humanity, that some day, we’ll rise up, cast aside our ignorance, that indifference that keeps us blind for inside, the humans create when bringing forth life is the same blood that flows through these collective veins to our one united heart all the same.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Universe in its Darkness gave us birth, allows us to see beauty every time we look up at night so let us see that beauty in our children, sisters, & brothers of all pigmentations & orientations!

All lives matter.  Yes, this we know.

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