Shot Clock


:24 – Shots fired, shots fired! A Tweet is quickly leaked.

:23 – Viral fire, viral fire! The leak grows as its repeated, 2.3k as we speak.

:22 – Facts, facts! Waiting on the official reports as 10.5k tweets are trending.

:21 – Reload, reload! News can’t reach us that fast, want to know what’s up before the commercial break is ending.

:20 – The victims, their families! Now that there’s some ‘truth,’ how then do we react?

:19 – Forgive, move on! One voice but an echo in the distance and will say at last.

:18 – Anger, Vengeance! Another will protest, the temperature quickly rising…

:17 – Prayers… Prayers… A politician, all smiles, perfect hair, in a suit will request.

:16 – Change! Change! A preacher, haggard facial lines, in disheveled dress will contest.

:15 – Eff the man! Fight the power! @someone will Re-tweet with download my new mixtape & EP out on iTunes this week.

:14 – Rise up, rise up! A collective voice of the common citizen becomes a shout.

:13 – Tragedy! Travesty! Alright, another movement is born and change in our community is what we’re about.

:12 – Shots! Shots! More shots reveal the problem is bigger than one city in yet another a tweet.

:11 – Truce! Truce! Old news #Throwback about gang members from that Baltimore mess who protected their home streets.

:10 – No more brutality! Where’s equality? Are our leaders really just that clueless?

:09 – Darkness. Sadness. Let it set in for oh how none of this makes sense.

:08 – Disbelief! Disgust! Let our hatred mask our pain even though we’re all mongrels.

:07 – Error. Error. Network overload, please try your request again.

:06 – Bow your heads, let us pray. Our Father, Who Art in Heaven…

:05 – Another shooter, no it’s a thug! Is this ‘ish’ even real?

:04 – Chaos! Chaos! Rapidly it pollutes in a fashion that’s quite surreal.

:03 – Guns don’t kill. People kill. We like to kill regardless of our race.

:02 – Reload, reload. Meanwhile from a quiet corner of another room on Earth’s shared space.

:01 – Shots! Shots! More shots! Every day, they seem to be fired at rapid pace.

:00 – Buzzer! Buzzing! With that left yet again, are we in more disgrace.

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