Tom Brower Rap

If you assault the people, then I’m-assault your ego. Elected by the people? You’re nothing more than sheep-le! Pause for a second as you wipe the sweat off your Brow, er, here’s some Armani yo, while we’re at it throw on some gloves & take care of that manicure you ho-

rribly embarrassing excuse for a leader! Attacking people with nothing, pose with your sledgehammer, smiling when the camera don’t care and you’re nothing but strange news polluting the ether. You might have won a vote but you haven’t got a clue!

If my words could even register to that empty core you carry, would it fill you up with more than hate?  Would it make you change how your fight? Or would bounce off with but a hollow echo? Do you even know anything other than…

Vigilante! Vigilante! Does the world need that from a political leader? Or does the world need some Om Shanti, Shanti,

Shanti… Yes, Peace! Or how about love & prosperity? For all of our kind, never mind if their bank roll is less than zeros on nine fingers because if you can count all the lack they have on even one of your fingers, then you’d know the hate you swung, the pictures you took, aren’t about to do a thing for them nor leave a mark on the bigger picture that is this issue.

So when they write history that’s all you’ll be.  Tom Brower* with an asterisk for a footnote with a hard-on for a just cause b/c you went out looking to take a picture just because.  That, why can’t you see?

As much as you, your lack of faith and precision in implementing our dream system of freedom people have died for makes me want to scream!  My words aren’t meant to slap, maybe just shake that you awake because I have nothing but universal love because you’re just another one of my hurt brothers,

sisters, with wounded Inner Children, walking in tantrum with adult builds & bodies. carrying that hurt behind a false smile, no one cares who lobbies.  If I can make it out of the dark and want to still believe, then I believe you can to and what a better world that might be.  Hey Bruh, you Syl, Scotty, & the rest can make a change, & I’d like to think despite life experiences, there’s still hope for Lee.

Now drop them charges against that kid, he didn’t do it and you know that’s true!  Then forgive those that did so we can all start brand new.

You drop them charges, then I’ll drop my writing outlets against you.  I’m but a simple voice, one of many, out here trying to implore you. Let’s hope with search engine optimization ‘ignore’ won’t be all you do.  Now, speak to that part that once wanted to help our people.  If you’re going to help any one, just one, than help the one buried there deep inside of you.

So let it go Tom, let it go.  Or out of office one day, some day, you will go to.  If you fail to do so then all you’ll be known for is but a tarnished legacy and that’s the sad, sad Truth.  That makes me sad because you were the one, the one others said did it without lining your pockets, and that deserves respect, why can’t you see?

You can have glory and compassion share the spotlight? If you’d just stop the fight, stop the fight.

Stop the fight against the homeless, the people who have so much less.  Take love with you into the community and leave behind your weapons, both physical and actions that create agony.

Let it go Tommy, let it go.  Let it go Tommy, let it go.  Let it go Tommy, let it go.

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