From Cooke to Keawe

microphone check, oh shit, don’t give me heck! no, not my equipment, when the bull shipment’s already been delivered! a cold fills the air, I stop because I shiver, the restless Zombies of Babylon, enclose, surround me, I might quiver… “snap back to reality, uh, here comes” gravity my conscious escape meets depravity as the […]

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Solar Dust

Solar Dust Lunar lust Empty Vessel Each Soul’s a comet Spewing cosmic vomit As we leave a (wake) There will be no respite No, no, not yet! Not tonight For a trail we have to blaze… Solar Dust Lunar trust Empty Vessel Each life, a star Filled w/the Love & Power Of Nature’s Truth There […]

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Senseless action Of the (glass) power reaction How bout some compassion? Before you go splashin’ Another gun pops Collective Heart drops Another life is lost Collective love coated in dust Oh Lord, we must Trust Nature let us see our Best Before it’s far too late & we sealed our fate So much hate Too […]

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Does A Tree Make A Sound

The majority of people out there have probably heard the age-old question: Does a tree make a sound if it falls in a forest but no one/nothing is there to hear it?  In this day & age with social media & technology finding new ways for us to share, be seen, and heard, does that […]

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A Comedy of Errors

At times my life has felt like a series of errors and mistakes, all happening one after the next. As a small child, I’m told that I somehow fell backwards all of a sudden out of my chair while at the Burger King in Kaneohe with my Dad.  Not once, but twice. During my teen years, I once […]

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