Does A Tree Make A Sound

The majority of people out there have probably heard the age-old question:

Does a tree make a sound if it falls in a forest but no one/nothing is there to hear it?  In this day & age with social media & technology finding new ways for us to share, be seen, and heard, does that idea apply to brilliance?

Whether or not someone or a creation is brilliant is relative for beauty lies within and is observed with out but hypothetically speaking, if something were brilliant, moving, amazing, but not seen, heard, or felt by another, does it make any dent in the collective ecosystem of the ether?

In my first book I reflected on the struggle as a writer, to be a writer, and discovered how much I just needed writing period.  As a creative, I openly wonder how some ‘creations’ are “deemed works of art” or “ahead of their time” or why some things go viral and others don’t.

I wonder if what I’m doing, these words that I write, if there is any point to it other than serving my own growth.  A part of me tells the insecure wonderer that should be enough and to some degree I feel satisfied.  My prowess in business is quickly becoming what I’m gaining recognition for.  But the question I grapple with:

Is that fulfilling?

I don’t know.  I gain a certain satisfaction playing what’s fair to say an important role in building back up a company that was once great and over the years, fell off.  In my time here, we’ve increased sales, enhanced the brand, and are reversing negative trends that impacted arts companies throughout the world.

Is that brilliant?

I’m not sure.  If I can’t be honest here on The Simple Voice, then where can I be honest?  So I will share a fear that haunts me.

12 years ago I was told I could choose to be great or mediocre.  The choice was mine.  I had already struggled with the idea of living life fully.  That statement haunts me.  Why would anyone choose mediocrity?  I find my biggest challenge at work these days are whether or not I should be there because we stand at the cusp of taking it even higher or plateauing and I refuse to stay if it plateaus.

But I’m not married.  I’m not a parent.  My priorities and thought processes are different as a result.  Yes, I have a serious relationship and together, she & I, have a cat.  They are both important and are my ‘family’ but at the end of the day, that’s alot different than having children and owning a home. She just told me she doesn’t know if she wants to get married.  A part of me cheered, a part of me was void.

Why? Well, I hate planning and caving to social expectation.  Why do I feel that way?  Well that’s probably some students dissertation.

Kid Cudi rhymed “I’m living my life as if I’ve got powers.” so if I’ve got powers than why plan and why not just roll with the flow of Life?  That’s my PSA about planning brought to you by the ether.

So without the recognition of brilliance in creation or planning, what creates a great anything?  How does that differ from mediocrity?

The answers I find range from “It depends,” to “It’s different for everybody,” & “It’s all an experience,” along with my favorite:

“It’s all perspective.”

Cudi follows the earlier line with “Tonight, I feel immortal.”  I don’t feel immortal but anything I create, especially in this day & age, can live far beyond me so maybe one day someone or many will think it’s great.  Or maybe no one will care.  Though my disdain for planning is mostly within the personal sphere (and truthfully because at the core of it I don’t want an expectation to lead to disappoint), I’m planning the day, week, months, and year out for work.

In the end, I am amused by my work, creatively & professionally, and that’s all that matters.  I enjoy the wordplay, the development of ideas, and the dance of these endeavors teach me.



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