If Death Finds Us Always, What Do We Find In Return?

I have meditated often upon the subject of Death. Each time it finds me, it is a sobering reminder of how hollow this existence really is.

A friend recently lost her cat, Cat.  Cat was with her & her husband for some time, the eldest of three cats and had struggled in recent years with some health issues. Though it was a hard decision, it made the most sense for them and Cat was put to rest. I’ve lost 2 cats in my life, very different experiences with each, and it’s never been easy losing a pet, having lost many pet rats along the way as well.  I lost a dog too somewhere though I think, hope he may still be alive, wherever he might be.

The lives of animals may not be as long as ours but they certainly fill the space with so much love!

My girlfriend called me earlier to share that she had lost a friend as well.  In an eerie twist, I met this gentlemen and was particularly taken by him because of how friendly and warm his spirit was.  I remember his last words to me and in response shared with her, “I like that Dude.”

She was in great shock when we talked and understandably so. You never know when it’s someone’s time to go and it can be particularly jarring when you have recently seen them.

I believe Death is a guide, perhaps our greatest in many ways.  When we lose loved ones, it is important to be in reverence of life, for it is truly fragile. From there, may we recall that beauty exists everywhere, even within fragility, and take no moment for granted.

To those who have passed, may your Spirits fly free. To those who remain, smile knowing that your loved ones are always with you and have returned home.



Watch the waves

Watch & see

Watch the waves

See, watch them teach

When the tide is high

It is at its peak

Then it goes down so low

Its strength just a small bit weak

Watch the waves

Watch & see

Watch the waves

See, watch them teach

The Ocean reflects the light

No matter how deep &

Vast, water may be,

For it is the light, the light, that we seek

Watch the waves

Watch & see

Watch the waves

See, watch them teach

Beneath each movement lies

More of the great, infinite mystery for

Our Souls are but drops, please realize,

In the Cosmic Sea

The Gavel

I am a nothing but Moth

And you? You act like you wear the Cloth,

While here I am drifting further into the fiery depths

Of flames, burning along with every Sinner before & to come next

Put down your judgments, I know THE name…

But in my three eyes, we’re all the same

Transcend in Spirit? Mired in pain?

Nothing but stardust, a flesh & bone connection

Every last one of us, seeking Higher direction

Put down your judgments, I know THE name…

Fuck this (insert)

Fuck that (insert)

People, causes, beliefs, systems

All falling to grace, nothing but a bunch of lames

Put down your judgments, I know THE name…

I am a Moth

Mired in Pain

Looking for Direction

Are we the same?

Put down your judgments, I know THE name…

Note: THE = HIS = HER = SPIRIT = Your choice


The Simple Voice

to share, I have no choice

The simple choice

to express, yet I have no Voice

I want a Voice

I need a Voice

I share my Voice

Now heed my Voice

You have a choice

Choose your Voice

Then Voice that choice

B/c it’s not all noise

Depression Repression

Depression Repression

Does you a disservice

To start, repression is depressing

There BE a reason for every feeling

Depression isn’t just clinical

It’s a real education in living

So stop being cynical

After all these experiences BE Cyclical

They will follow you until you look deep

Within your Soul

With out for what you Seek

Is to BE Free

Lone Aloha

All alone

With Aloha

The last tribe left

I am bereft

Of Aloha

The theft of Identity

Equanamity Masked in Humanity

As throughout, we echo our Calamity

Without Aloha


The team of miscreants forced to reform

The sound that follows the lightning telling of storm

Thunderbolts roar no matter what their form

Deafening sounds, defying the norm

Flash Flood Warning

Comes not with the Warning

Flash Flood Unfolding

Following torrential downpour unfolding

The storm brews like never before

The storm brews anew but I’ve seen this before

The storm brews for

Many months more

Hurricane Season in the Tropics is no joke. Especially with El Nino. Take precautions and be careful.