Watch the waves Watch & see Watch the waves See, watch them teach When the tide is high It is at its peak Then it goes down so low Its strength just a small bit weak Watch the waves Watch & see Watch the waves See, watch them teach The Ocean reflects the light No […]

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The Gavel

I am a nothing but Moth And you? You act like you wear the Cloth, While here I am drifting further into the fiery depths Of flames, burning along with every Sinner before & to come next Put down your judgments, I know THE name… But in my three eyes, we’re all the same Transcend in Spirit? Mired […]

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The Simple Voice to share, I have no choice The simple choice to express, yet I have no Voice I want a Voice I need a Voice I share my Voice Now heed my Voice You have a choice Choose your Voice Then Voice that choice B/c it’s not all noise

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Depression Repression

Depression Repression Does you a disservice To start, repression is depressing There BE a reason for every feeling Depression isn’t just clinical It’s a real education in living So stop being cynical After all these experiences BE Cyclical They will follow you until you look deep Within your Soul With out for what you Seek […]

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Lone Aloha

All alone With Aloha The last tribe left I am bereft Of Aloha The theft of Identity Equanamity Masked in Humanity As throughout, we echo our Calamity Without Aloha

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The team of miscreants forced to reform The sound that follows the lightning telling of storm Thunderbolts roar no matter what their form Deafening sounds, defying the norm Flash Flood Warning Comes not with the Warning Flash Flood Unfolding Following torrential downpour unfolding The storm brews like never before The storm brews anew but I’ve […]

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