Wipe Away the Sleep

Wipe the sleep from the eyes of your Soul

A storm is brewing, I thought you should know

The Devil sits upon precipice

A stinging smile rests upon its lips

Hate breeds

Love leaves

Loss wins

A Saint sins

Such is Life, an old friend decreed

His main concern was where to sew seed

As for myself, my concern’s been to fill this whole

That’s ripped asunder, the void in my Soul

I know the Devil is real

I feel the heat, it’s fucking surreal

I swing and fight, holding on to my cross

Yet for every shallow victory, there follows a greater loss

Let me sleep, let me sleep

Stop trying to rouse me from this deep

Place of peace, short rest, my only escape

Hanging on to invisible shards of feeling, as upon me they graze

I gaze


They taste

My shade

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