Off on the Adventure

The Empty Flask is off and in the wild.  It is released.  A moment’s respite before we recall The Bloody Summer.  Idk what it is about a series but this #DropTheMic series is certainly my favorite thus far.

How does one have any adventure?  Is it possible to escape the monotony of this modern existence?  I believe the answer to both these questions lie within and that is the purpose of why I write.

I write to explore, to document, to leave bread crumbs for others who might also be traversing Life’s Road.  I write to bring meaning to the chaos of the blight that is my momentary human existence.  I’d like to feel like I’m more than a shit stain on the Universe.  I want to feel as though perhaps I really am but a stroke by the Master Painter as was so long ago shared with me.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Burp.  Fart.  Whatever you have to do to release and let go and just be in the moment for that’s where the adventure is waiting for you.  It could be in the form of insight.  Maybe it’s mere appreciation.  What so ever you find that makes your Heart pulse is where it is that you will truly feel alive.

Aloha Harder my Ninjas.  Aloha Harder.

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