Album Review – Lumpy Ventriloquist & The Pancakes

Lumpy Ventriloquist & The Pancakes stormed the charts today, with reports estimating over 1.3 million copies sold, in the first 6 hours.  Lumpy’s edgy style of music lends itself well to the times and popular culture has been dying for something new, different, and most importantly, authentic.

When asked about the choice of name, Lumpy merely replied: “We’re inspired by politics.  (It’s) nothing but a bunch of bland mouthpieces blotting the airwaves.”

Hear that Billary?  Listen up Trumpy! Your dishes are far from tasty.

If you haven’t yet heard the album’s lead single, ‘Syrup,’ do yourself a ‘flavor’ & get a nice serving now!

Lumpy Ventriliquist & The Pancakes is available for digital download and in vinyl, wherever hipster shit is sold.

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