Why We Acts


The mask

of a smile

Fails to conceal

by a mile

The Heart’s

true sorrow

In eyes not seen

since tomorrow

Heart Murmurs


Nothing more, nothing less, Forgive me please, I need my rest. Where is respite? Is it gone, forever Dark my plight? Or Will I find it here, on this Dark Night?

My Soul weeps not, for it is True, my Heart grows weary, as do you, this Flesh is mangled, bits of it have we between our teeth, with blood chunks lying at our feet.

Words fly like daggers, words leaving scars. If I could, I’d leave, to go die on Mars. But this world is mine, as it belongs also to you. This world is empty, sadly true.

Now as we bring, this chapter to a close, I leave you but a hollow rose, beauty on the outside, nothing rests beneath, a beauty meant to see, but not one to sleep, a beauty true, a beauty cold, a beauty you, this beauty, Old.