Note: Writing this today because I just learned about the stupid, horrible shooting in San Bernadino, CA, where some cowards opened fire on a center for people with developmental disabilities.  Not all the facts have come out on this but labels will surely be applied when the identities of these choads are revealed.  


I have nothing against guns.  I also hold nothing against anyone with a different faith than mine.  I do, however, have an issue with Assholes.

Assholes are the ones who are killing people with guns.  They are the ones who are acting out in the the name of a faith.

Guns by themselves can’t harm people.  Don’t take that as I’m an advocate for guns.  I know people on both sides of that issues fence.  I’m just citing the fact that a weapon only harms when used by a person.  At this point in time, AI hasn’t taken over so we can’t blame an object for what a hateful human, read Asshole, does.

Faiths are meant to inspire.  They are meant to unite.  Oddly enough, it was Republican President George W. Bush, who shared that Islam is not a religion of hate, but one of peace.  Yes, there are some feral agents of terror, read Assholes, who are exploiting the pain & suffering of people around the world to cause even more pain & suffering.

Banning a weapon doesn’t make violence go away.  Genocide of a faith or a people because some douche bags are making the most noise doesn’t eliminate evil.  Violence & evil have been a part of humanity since we began.

It is a cycle.

We have short-term memories of history.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t rise against hate, promote love, light and support our warriors who defend positivity and at the end of the day, are doing their jobs.

I can’t say if there will ever be a right way for humanity to overcome its limitations.  IMO, Nature is telling us constantly to wake the fuck up.  Yet we can’t get it because we aren’t listening.

We are too busy letting our nightmares dominate when in fact we have far more magnificence in our dreams than horrors in this collective experience.

Time will tell.




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