Feel like I’m flying! (Pic by Folkert Gorter)

Note: Balancing the equation of today’s writing since the last post was so heavy…

Yesterday, I awoke to find a text message from my Dad, with a picture of an article in my hometown newspaper, The Hawaii Tribune Herald, about my most recent book, The Empty Flask.

I don’t know what it was about this project but it felt right to send it out there and see where it leads.  The interest and support for my work since has been tremendous with Urban Honolulu weekly newspaper MetroHNL running two other pieces recently (Shot Clock, Merde That Mentality) and this article in the Tribune Herald making its way out there.

I am truly shocked, grateful, and humbled by all of the amazing support over the past two days coming in on social media from my family, friends, all of you loved ones here in Honolulu and back home in Hilo.

I can’t really express how much it means without talking bubbles, so let me just say thank you very much for all of your support.

My teacher has often said: Say Yes to your Universe.  To saying Yes & Aloha to everything unfolding as we continue as well.

Take care & chee huu to all of you!


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