Impossibly Precise

This was inspired by a poem written by Teacher/Friend, Adya. Enjoy. I am the Impossible Never before have I been dreamed What I’m here to achieve The world has not once before seen But there’s a chance This has been felt For feelings translate True And there’s a rhythm That has been felt For the beat-beat […]

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Broken Miscellanea

Broken? Torn? Strained? Tell me, tell me, tell me your pain… Battered? Twisted? Shattered? Tell me, tell me, tell me your name… Busted? Troubled? Shafted? Tell me who, tell me how, tell me what happened… Broken miscellanea filed in with existence Should we rise up and Love None of this torture Would’ve Existed Broken? Torn? Strained? Tell me, tell me, tell me your pain… […]

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Level Up

I be on that next level, my powers up, with skill points left to redistribute, so on to the next one, more experience points out there to acquire, so many more levels, gotta get up and go, do it before I expire. Save game, load game, a mind closed off is insane. Go against the […]

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Without Which, We Are Nothing

“Then there is the question of dying, which we have carefully put far away from us, as something that is going to happen in the future – the future may be fifty years off or tomorrow. We are afraid of coming to an end, coming physically to an end and being separated from the things […]

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