Spoken & Shared

The ache in my bones is but a splinter compared to the stake in my mind. The throbbing hum of pain reflects from one shimmer of light to the darkest recesses… The sorrowful song of days long gone & squandered linger as I gaze back at a life lived in full. Words spoken, words shared, words remembered, words forgotten. […]

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Meow Went My Gurus

The cat meows whilst staring at me Which cat? This cat. That one here. Her. See? The cat looks up and smiles at me Which cat? That cat. That one there. Him. See? Now watch the cats do their dance each day full of playful, cat activity While they might yet fight, it’s their Truth […]

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I ran track my Senior Year of High School. Loved it. My Coach told me that over the course of the season, I improved my stride by 300% and though there were a gang of fools who were way faster than me, the fact that I did what I did in just one season of […]

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Extended Stay at The Essay

The most recent stroll through my thoughts in the form of a loose essay on the state of my life was enjoyable so here I am, alone again. I awoke feeling drained and tired.  My stomach turned.  I wasn’t looking forward to the big task at hand today at work and a number of small […]

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A Trip to the Essay

It’s been a minute since I sat down seeking to write an essay, a blog, a commentary as I was once so fond of calling it.  But alas, perhaps, by chance it’s time to wax a bit, a time to let the thoughts just… Flow. Or maybe I’ve been inspired by the younger lions out […]

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Mirra, Mirra

It was reported on Feb. 04, 2017, that legendary BMX rider, champion, & pioneer, Dave Mirra, was found dead by apparent suicide.  He is survived by a wife and two children.  Let his memory live on for he inspired many. Rest in peace. Rest in love. Mirra, Mirra! Another life just blinked out too quick, Le- […]

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