Mirra, Mirra

It was reported on Feb. 04, 2017, that legendary BMX rider, champion, & pioneer, Dave Mirra, was found dead by apparent suicide.  He is survived by a wife and two children.  Let his memory live on for he inspired many. Rest in peace. Rest in love.

(Photo – http://thecomeup.com/tag/dave-mirra/)

Mirra, Mirra!

Another life just blinked out too quick, Le-

ander, time to meander on

Now but hearing about Dave dying, that makes me sick…

A young legend, who inspired a whole new pride of lions, teaching us falling doesn’t matter, so long as we rode hard, for always, & no matter what, to keep fighting.

But something happened to this old soul.  Though his body wasn’t that old, life done took its toll.  And now here we are, wondering why.

Asking both he & God:

Hey Mirra, Mirra, why’d you have to die?

Why’d you die that way when you lived so true. Conquering one fear after another, time after time, overcoming all the odds, stacked against you each & every time.

Hey Mirra, Mirra, why’d you have to go?

I guess like every other tragedy, we’ll never know…

And in the end, here I am writing in homage to you.  Mirra, Mirra, you touched lives more than you ever knew.  And though it’s sad, it was your time to go. So with that, Champ, I hope you know: The world just ain’t the same without you,

you were the show!

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