I ran track my Senior Year of High School.

Loved it.

My Coach told me that over the course of the season, I improved my stride by 300% and though there were a gang of fools who were way faster than me, the fact that I did what I did in just one season of participating in track, made him proud.

Did I mentioned I was the slowest Sprinter on the Big Island?  Can you imagine that despite being the slowest, I improved as much as I did?  I also jumped too but I wasn’t very good at that either.  I can only laugh at myself recalling it all.

Despite the mad love I had for Sprint & Jumping events, Distance Running should have been my thing. It might just be that I am not built for the sprint, but that I am built to survive the grind and the duration. While growing up, I loved to play defense in basketball, if I’d had played soccer, I probably would have been better off because soccer is very much a marathon.

But I didn’t. And, LMAO, now I can’t really play defense, the one strong component of my game in hoops, anymore either.  But my jump shot has been pretty sweet.  And my reverse with these limited hops.  Watch out!

Point is, here I am, in conflict for decades, trying to sprint through life, when I’m probably better equipped to take the marathon at my own pace, and not the timings of others. But the funny thing about timing, it means everything, and nothing.

Guess I’ll keep running with the goal of listening to what’s going on within and with all that’s out(side) of me.  Then pace it from there.

In the end, only God knows the Universe’s plan.  I’m just traveling the course to that inevitable finish line or final buzzer.


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