Tentacles – 1.

1. this press that I’m pressin’ got me repressed in depression please depress that regression else I regress with the next recession hold up! where the fuck went recess? damn, how I miss elementary! this first volume of my life long closed now so far out of my element in urban Wildnerness I sup-prose and […]

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Adventures in Screenwriting

Temperature check. Note: Whoever came up with that in relation to group dynamics was pretty witty.   I am well into finishing up my second draft on my first feature-length script.  It’s rewarding, if only because it’s something different and long been a goal of mine.  The interesting difference that I find here is how […]

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Repost From FrankMWanderer.Com

The Illusion of Your Personal History Everybody has their own personal history. Our parents began to weave our personal history; first they told us who we were, they relayed the rules of living in a community, together with other people within a specific society. Then the little Ego was born in us, and we started […]

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