Adventures in Screenwriting


Temperature check.

Note: Whoever came up with that in relation to group dynamics was pretty witty.  

I am well into finishing up my second draft on my first feature-length script.  It’s rewarding, if only because it’s something different and long been a goal of mine.  The interesting difference that I find here is how in the past my goals were always tied to attachment.  This more feels like something I’m doing for fun and because I’m doing it.

I don’t know why and I wish I did but writing is in my blood or something and I can’t for the life of me figure that out.  The barely satisfactory definition that I keep coming back to is that:

Writing is just something that I do.

I’ve also always had a very active imagination and love the various art forms.  Working with a professional opera company has introduced me to the world of theatre and that has taken me back to my love for production.  It’s a roundabout journey through the rabbit hole but perhaps someday I’ll be writing about Adventures in Kaching-Ching Filmmaking…

But even if that comes to fruition, regardless, I’ll still write.

I’ve always written, from small kid time to the past few minutes here.  Before that I wrote copy for a tee-shirt ad.  Before that I wrote an email.  Before that I worked on said screenplay.  Throughout the day, I’ve tweeted.  Idk. Imo. Wtf. Smh.

I think you get what I mean.

And if this is all that my adventures in screenwriting teach me or give me, well to that, I thank you.


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