Tentacles – 1.


this press

that I’m pressin’
got me repressed
in depression
please depress
that regression
else I regress
with the next recession
hold up!
where the fuck went recess?
damn, how I miss elementary!
this first volume of my life long closed
now so far out of my element in urban
Wildnerness I sup-prose and
these days!? are so sad!
B/c I can’t even sing.
(can’t sing!!!) about the beauty
of life business sans making ends
meet & greet with no ice pick to
break the chill that greets & meets
me at every vapid corner
of these soul bereft, vacant streets
so press on
and on and
on and on
at least Soul’s Dark Night
meets early mournin’
so totally
finally then my
now I’m free
flowin’ like
fallin’ right
deep into
I just
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