Free Flow 2.0

sometimes I wanna scream,

sometimes I wanna dream

why can’t I soar?

why can’t I find the seam…

to be great?


it’s late at night,

I’ve got my fate

clutched in a bottle,

in a puff of smoky hollow

and it’s too



for what?


I don’t know.

do you know?

he-elllllllllllllllll, no.


so nowwwwwwww, what?


excuse me as I marinate

a new goal,

fueled by dreams

foot on the throttle,

soaring as I sing

these lyrics

with a soft poetic Truth & uh

please let my message seduce



into thinking,

into being,

take ya from perceiving to



oh please let you follow me

now please let me rest, see

just rest, see

can I rest, please?


hollow, so hollow, hollow, I

lost in the smoke and

too many broken bottles, I,

I’m out


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