I tremble,

in the Wild

The Wind scares

my Inner Child

She howls like a Wolf

At the Moon,

a worship, that behooves

All who glimpse,

those who took

One sacred breath,

that’s all it took

That’s All

As I tremble

til I Fall

Lord lift me (up)

Carry me

Give me Life

That I may see

And when I stumble

As do WE ALL

Be my Shepherd

As I crawl

And when I triumph

As do WE, who persevere.,

Be my Light

Always near

For Always

For Always

For Always



melting away of the Spirit from the dross of the Flesh to leave just the diamond that we can’t see, can’t see

yet the love from the shine yes we feel, you see, we feel

Suffering, lingering this feeling of memory as the one who left, has so many behind, left


Oh Dear, please God, just let, me, go, go, go

When I’s ready, I’s dead, see? I let it go, see, I’m no longer me, see

Can you tell me, now, right here, if I got this story right?

Oh, listen, up, listen, close, from far to near, the Truth it whispers, you (h)ear, you (h)ear

You hear, you hear…




Minority Report

Is you light-skinned? Is I white-skinned? 

Is you dark-skinned? Is I light-skinned? 

Is you white?  Is you Asian? 

Is you Black? Is you Caucasian?

Is you Hawaiian? Why you tryin’ to be? 

What is you anyway? Wait, why you cryin’ B?
Cause while we tryin’ to label me, we fail to see such dignity, in collective humanity X spirituality