J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 03

The media, both sides, is so slanted, that it plays on the experience going on between both ears, most time the outcome ends up playing on & enhancing our fears, creating a further divide.
Yes, there are some really awful people in the world, for sure, and sadly, either way the election goes, one of those awful people will be President.
But just because sensationalism gets the headlines, that doesn’t mean every (insert flavor of the month antichrist here) is (insert generalized statement here).
Religions can be misleading and redeeming, so while a number may be lost to a cause, it doesn’t mean all are.
Police, Service members, those who protect & serve, are not all out to kill. Yes many have and will again but I know personally a number who used the platform to help their communities and far many more will do the same.
It is the media that pulls the small and makes it great. When you compound all the terrorists and corrupt officers, then yeah, it is easy to get swayed into believing all are bad. But nothing is entirely one-sided, despite, what an agenda might want us to think.
I shall admit even in Politics, which is very corrupt, there are a small number, who are just. More than likely it is their staff but the point:
We have to quit believing the generalizations. The Good Samaritan is the perfect example of someone unlike who we are conditioned to believe can do good, is in fact good, and will do good regardless of social conditioning.
Before all of these lines of limitation came to be, we were human. We are still human.
Yes we are clearly capable of awful things but we also have so many reasons around us in our lives to not be in fear, and to experience all but the awe & beauty in life.
Is it easy to be jaded? Sure, but is it worth never appreciating waking up to another day, seeing the sun rise, or set, or enjoying time with a loved one?
Yea, I agree, the system needs to change, the world has issues but no one can tear down the mind but ourselves and before we can truly overcome the experience of this external collective condition, we have to be able to find peace within.

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