J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 06


Life is foreign and lonely every single day of this, our momentary Human experience, of the Spirit.  Whether people are at home or abroad, the way we get sucked into our beings is devoid of how Nature unfolds…

Or is it?

Two days past – As I walked through the forest like park exiting the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan, I felt the Darkness, all around me.  It wasn’t like the Darkness known in the past, that of pain, fear, anger, hate.  It was just an empty space, a feeling that wading along a Path, sharing a Road, at times trudging along, is there, and must be taken in stride.

And for what? Shouldn’t I feel elated that my spiritual journey has brought me to one of the greatest cities in the world?

These chapters in our lives, where anything but bliss thrive, are invaluable and should be read for what they are:.

We are alone.

Though we share a world with billions of other of humans and countless other lifeforms, within the confines of our beings, we only know our single experience.

A crucial turning point in my own life happened about 10 years ago when I began to realize that the only way I can know an inkling about another is through understanding myself and processing these feelings that occur post-experiences of my life, as they wash like water over/through me.

Two people, a family, a community, a country, a world could unite through an understanding that the feeling, of a feeling, is where we already are united.

Think about it.  Breathe it in.  Wait for it – #MindBlown!

A genuine smile is understood because of the relationship to how it feels if one knows or has experience smiles.  A child laughing is a laughing child wherever you go despite not knowing what or why is causing the child to behave in such a fashion.

And sadness is sadness no matter how it is served.

In the creation of this online tome, the name came through as The Simple Voice for it was a desire to share a Universal Truth, that I have felt throughout the days of my spiritual travels through this life.  That Truth?

There is a thread that we are somehow bound, and there is an elegant simplicity about it. While we might notice the whole of a garment, a thread usually holds it all together.  Even shoes are bound by thread. We don’t always think about the thread, we’re quick to pull or cut them off as they unravel, but without thread, nothing would hold together.

The world does have some scary things out there but we need not fear or judge for though we might be or feel alone, collectively we feel the same feelings.  The beautiful, noble,  & just of Creation far outnumber the shadows that are nothing more than a pebble in a shoe.

Now as soon as I publish this, mass media will be able to publish an infinite amount more of what makes it flourish – a fabrication of a strong, real feeling of fear.  But maybe that’s the garment, and these words are the thread.  There are after all some very atrocious looking items of clothing out there.

Whoever reads these words, pause after the next atrocity you learn of.

Remember that Humans have been ‘shits’ since our beginning.  I use ‘shits’ lovingly because when we look at Nature, (sh)it happens, without thought of consequence.

Perhaps these ugly t-shirts and outfits are there for a grand reason: that we might move beyond the shroud of Darkness and breathe in all the wonderful Light that is there for our experiences to be illuminated.

There is as they say, a season for All things.





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