Redemption – Ep. 02

The cool Waikiki night area, a slight breeze, a hint of rain drops here and there embraced us as we talked. “I was hoping this was where we were going!” It was almost five years ago to the day that my friend Vince and I had reconnected not far from where we spoke.   Back […]

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Redemption – Ep. 01

I remember the first time it occurred to me that my hurt, my pain, though real for me, with the challenges that came with it, didn’t mean others were hurting, possibly far worse. I see that moment in blurs, though I can still feel the room, cast in the shade of an Autumn day. On […]

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Untitled, As Is – 16.16.04

The outlet, it fuels, it feeds, it gives power.  An overload of it will blow a circuit.  A spark from that can start a fire.  A fire burns.  Burning can destroy.  Destroy what takes so long to build up. But burning down to build anew is the cycle of the Phoenix, is it not? Born […]

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Untitled, As Is – 16.16.02

The fingers of loss brush lightly across my cheek Yet ‘Tis Disappointment That shall linger longer than any such pain For I’ve been here before, I’ve lost far greater Now again the Loss feels so much more Still left am I to ponder why and when? Why have I fallen short yet again? And when […]

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Untitled, As Is – 16.16.01

Imagine if you will, having set sail, a vessel soaring mightily cross the waves, gently crashing against the bow The sunset painting the skies and oceanic reflections in an embrace all around Picture a love, like a thunderous storm, its torrential affection a downpour, flooding the decks & holds below This love is a cannonball tearing […]

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